How to Create a High-Converting Landing Page

What is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your website?

If you’re being deliberate about how you direct people to your site, it’s going to be a landing page. The first glimpse of your landing page decides whether the viewer will stay on your website or if they will bounce.

Every cent you spend on running ads, or every minute you commit to writing guest posts – all of it is a waste if you don’t convert visitors into leads or customers.

If you are not converting, the problem might be your landing page.

You might be offering superb content or products and your ads might even be generating a good click through rate. But if your conversions are stagnant or diminishing, it is your landing page that needs more work…


What is a landing page?

A landing page is any webpage on which the visitor arrives or stops at, while visiting a website.

It usually serves a purpose of enticing a website visitor to do something specific – sign up for your email list, buy a product or set up a meeting.

A great landing page is one that targets a particular audience. Drawing the attention of your audience is done when you provide them with the information they seek about a topic. If the first look at your landing page provides them with the information they are looking for, their search ends there and they are ready to take action. Here, the first impression plays the one and only part!

If you slip up on the first impression, potential  leads fall through the cracks.

Do you need a landing page?

If you are trying to build an audience or sell something online, then yes.

A landing page plays a very crucial role for your website – it helps you turn traffic into leads.

If you have multiple products or offerings, you don’t want to confuse the visitor with too much information. Create multiple landing pages and make sure every one has a unique purpose of its own.

The anatomy of a high-converting landing page.

Let’s take the example of Rankwatch to understand the key components of a high-converting landing page:



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