Want To Get Clients Now? Tips From A Rainmaking Law Partner

Today’s video is jam-packed with advice for those of you wanting to learn ways to get clients now for your law practice. Rainmaker Ben Reznik, a top land use attorney in the Los Angeles area, takes us behind-the-scenes on business development, networking and how to build a successful legal practice. He shares actionable tips on how to approach this important part of being a lawyer so you can start to get clients now.




Here’s a little taste of the transcript from Ben’s interview.


Luber: Hey everyone, today on JD Careers Out There, we’ve got an amazing class on business development, networking and how to build a successful legal practice. This is the kind of stuff that’ll increase your odds of finding success and even making partner. Our guest, who’s mentoring us today is Ben Reznik. Ben is one of the top, go-to land use partners in all of Los Angeles. He’s not talking about land use today – if you want to learn about that, you can find our interview with Ben about being a land use lawyer on another part of the site. Today is about business development and it applies to anyone, regardless of their practice area.

Ben’s a great person to teach us about this topic because he’s been in practice for over 35 years, overseen the careers of many attorneys and he’s always been a big rainmaker, starting in his first days out of law school when he launched his own solo practice. He handled a variety of matters until he connected with land use and then wound up building a powerhouse boutique firm with his wife, that focused on land use and environmental law. They grew it to 18 attorneys and in the late 90s, folded the firm into a much larger, full service firm in order to get to handle larger matters. Today Ben’s the Department Chair of the government / land use / environmental / energy team at Jeffer Mangels Butler and Mitchell in Los Angeles.

I sat down with Ben in his office, where he took the time to mentor all of us on this topic of business development. It’s amazing stuff. If this is your first time with us, our mission here is to help you have a happy and successful career. In law school, you learn how to think, read and write like a lawyer. We’re here to help you with the other pieces of the career puzzle.

Our guests are fellow JDs, coming on to share their stories and advice with you. And I’m your host, Marc Luber–I’m a JD who’s enjoyed careers using my law degree without practicing law – in the music industry and attorney recruiting. It’s really important to me – and to our guests – to help you find a career that fits you and to help you thrive. Today we’re focusing on thriving by learning how to get clients and develop business from someone who’s been kicking butt at it for years. This is a GREAT mentoring session so stick around and we’ll jump right into it!

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Ben, what kind of advice would you give to people so that they can better ensure their odds of making partner one day?

Ben Reznik: Making partner and getting business I know do go hand in hand in most firms, probably all firms. It’s the basic economics of law and I think associates view it that way. There are firms who will make partners of associates who are valuable in other ways, particularly those who are very talented in doing the work, for example. So if the goal is to become a partner and an associate feels that he or she maybe is not capable or able to bring clients in, then you’ve got to focus on the strength that you have and, in that case, become really, really good at what you do because you will then be of value to other partners who want to keep you in the firm ultimately and make you a partner – what I guess sometimes in the industry is called a “service partner” as opposed to an “income partner”. So that would be certainly my advice. I do think that, though, associates all have the potential for ultimately bringing business in, but we can cover that when we get to that.

Luber: Yeah, let’s get to that because a lot of the people out there, they know they want to develop business but they don’t really know how to develop business. Law school doesn’t teach anybody how to develop business.

Ben Reznik: Correct.

Luber: So let’s dig into that and get people some actionable advice that they could run with. What do you think, what are some things that people can start doing today, some young associates, things they could start doing today to work their way towards bringing in business?

Continued in the full transcript… 



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