5 PR Approaches That Can Earn Editorial Links

Winning PR coverage and the editorial links they bring are an increasingly important part of SEO. But to get coverage, you have to understand the types of stories that journalists write about. There are patterns in these stories and in this article, we describe five taken from mainstream press over the last week – including the story of an SEO who gained major coverage and sold a new site he’d created for $85,000.


There are important PR challenges to overcome. Not least:

  • To get PR coverage, you need to come up with genuinely newsworthy stories and that takes creative time and effort
  • No matter how newsworthy your story may be, there is no guarantee of coverage
  • And if you do get coverage, there is no guarantee that you will get editorial links
  • You need to have a strong relationship with the client so that you can move quickly to create and exploit media opportunities

But the advantages are real:

  • Links that you do get will come from strong authority sites
  • Media coverage has a cascade effect – other journalists and bloggers are likely to pick up on a good story and link without being asked
  • Media coverage enhances the reputation of your client and leads to more brand searches and click-throughs

Pictures and Conversations

There’s a great quote in the first paragraph of the book Alice in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll: “‘And what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’”

It sums up what’s needed in a news story – “pictures” – something visual that adds to the story and “conversations” – first-person quotes from the people in the story. Check that those two elements are in the news stories you create and you’ll increase your chances of getting coverage.

In this article, we’ll look at five news stories from the last week or so. Each example shows a different type of story and should act as a model for your own PR.

From Customer Service to News Coverage

The Top Rank Blog had a great story on how customer feedback could be turned into brand storytelling and attract media coverage as a result.


Read more of this article by Ken McGaffin at http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2393773/5-pr-approaches-that-can-earn-editorial-links




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