9 Ways Freelancers Can Get Paid on Time and Avoid Deadbeat Clients

Cash flow management for freelancers is more than just finding clever ways to save money personally and professionally. It means getting paid for the services you provide but that, unfortunately, requires more that sending out an invoice and then sitting back waiting for your payment. You also have bills to pay and if you don’t have the funds, then you risk defaulting on the gadgets and services that keep your business afloat.

Here is what I’ve learned about getting paid from 15 years as a freelance accountant and small business owner;




1. Be known as a professional.

Your reputation isn’t just important to attract and retain your current clients, it can actually play a part in getting paid on time. If you’re rude to clients, late on projects, deliver sub-par work and have a website that screams amateur, then why would a client make paying your invoice a priority?

Prove to clients that you are a true professional worth hiring by always being polite, exceeding goals on time, sharing reviews and showcasing your portfolio on your website.

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2. Do some homework on prospective clients.

When you are approached by a prospective client you should do a little digging. Search online for any red flags from your fellow freelancers about the client. You may be able to view consumer reviews on the Better Business Bureau from other consultants who have dealt with the client in the past and were left with a bad taste in their mouth. You should also review their website to make sure that everything appears to be on the up and up.

In short, if you know that the client could become a potential headache, then why would you want to take a chance with them?

3. Be flexible with your rates.

What happens when you’re approached by a client, but they can’t afford your rates? Do you decline their business? Or, are you willing to be flexible?

This isn’t saying you should always give clients a break. You deserve to get paid for what you’re worth. It just means if you want to attract clients you want to be flexible with your rates. This is especially true when you’re just starting out, since this will add to your experience and maybe earn you some referrals.

When deciding on rates you usually have three options…


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