Why being weird gets me more clients

They pop up frequently – in brightly-colored banners on websites, in aggressive social media ads. Sometimes when I wait in line at Barnes and Noble, I catch them staring at me, glassy-eyed, from book covers.

They have power suits. They have perfectly coiffed hair. Their smiles are fixed. Their expressions are hungry.




They are… the Brand Mavens.

You know who I’m talking about. Brand Mavens are those peppy, cutthroat folks who talk almost exclusively in business-ese. They write urgent, vaguely condescending blogs and books that claim to reveal the “secrets to success”. They insist that to Get Ahead in this World, you have to aggressively market yourself as a nice, safe, tame product that appeals to the broadest swathe of humanity possible.

They probably start their mornings with a nice hot cup of coffee mixed with rocket fuel and the blood of innocents.

Okay, fine. I’m not being quite fair to the Brand Mavens. They’re only trying to make a buck out of the advice game, and some of them have perfectly sound advice to give about self-promotion (heck, even a blind squirrel finds some nuts). If you’re looking for tactics to aggressively market some carefully cultivated version of yourself, these people are good gurus to have.

But Brand Mavens so often insist on self-promotion for its own sake, implying that you are a hapless FOOL if you are not aggressively shoving a “brand” down potential clients’ throats. And worse, they often insist that you define your brand in the most homogenized, highly “saleable” way possible – in a manner that could never offend (or excite) anyone.

That. Is. Claptrap.

Read the rest of this “weird” article by Kate Hamill at https://www.freelancersunion.org/blog/2014/10/21/why-being-weird-gets-me-more-clients

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