What SEO Used to Be Versus What SEO Is Now


With Panda, Penguin and all the other Google updates, SEO has changed over the years. What used to work doesn’t anymore.

So, how do you know what you should be avoiding and what you should be doing now? Well, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the old and the new in SEO and explains how you need to adjust your SEO strategy today.


What SEO Used To Be Versus What SEO Is Now


The biggest thing that has changed over the years is content marketing. If you look at the graph above, you’ll notice that 88% of the companies that use SEO integrate content marketing into their strategy.

If you take away only one key point from this infographic let it be that you need to focus on content marketing. And not because I said so… but because it works.

How else has SEO changed over the years?

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