Real Estate Lead Generation Real Statistics for 2015 (What It Takes To Close A Deal)

Tracy Caywood of BAD ASS INVESTORS  just released a brand spankin’ new blog post in which she reveals real numbers from last year, 2015, for you to revel in.  She does this report so that new investors can get a realistic idea of what it takes to close deals, how much money they may spend, and how many sellers will cuss them out before one will sign those contracts.




Here is the excerpt:


End of the year reporting is always exciting to me. I love to see how the year shook out, and how my marketing dollars performed.  Thankfully, Godfather CRM keeps track of everything for me, and all I have to do is run some reports.

If you don’t know your $ numbers $ for the year, then what’s up? Get with the program.

Here’s the results:

I spent an average of $571 in marketing dollars to close every transaction.

It took 52 leads to get 1 seller under contract. ( A lead in this case is ANYONE who called in and left their information with PatLive).

My cost per lead was $26.00

My average profit on every closed transaction was $5,833.55

The average purchase price with my seller was $44,727.00

The average purchase price with my buyer was $53,600.71

My best performing Marketing Campaign was from the VACANT HOUSE Mailing List and in Second Place was my WEBSITE.

On average, it took me 51 days to convert a seller lead into a contract/new transaction.



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For more information on investing you can check out Tracy’s blog at


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